Paintings in
watercolours, oils
pastels and acrylics


I like to capture people in their own surroundings. I much prefer to paint adults from life wherever possible or practical but will paint from photographs where necessary.
Children's portraits are nearly all painted from photographs.
When painting from life, a head and shoulders portrait usually takes between 2 and 4 sittings. Each session will take approximately 2 hours.  Sittings could take place at my studio or at the subject's home. 
Prices for paintings are so variable, because the size, content or medium can be so diverse.  To specify one price for all is impossible. So may I suggest you contact me through our contact us page and I will do my best to accommodate your portrait requirements, at a price and time-scale to suit you, with no obligation.

Trains, Boats, dogs, Cats, Horses, Holiday snaps, etc. In fact any subject can be undertaken from good, photographs.  Email me for a quote, or just to discuss your requirements, I will be more than happy to help with any query.

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